From an early stage in product development our engineers and designers review the raw material available before committing to shapes and sizes, resulting in minimal waste once we are in production – an expensive and time consuming exercise, however a necessary precaution in order to honour our ambition of constantly reducing our environmental impact. We strive to produce no more than 2-3% waste in wood and metal. Even after the finished products leave the shop, most of the Danish Loft Design collections, furniture and accessories are close to 99% recyclable. 

Local Valencian, Spanish and European suppliers and craftspeople are our backbone when we create furniture and artisan accessories. By reducing the distance between materials, manufacturing and final end user, both our lead times and our environmental impact is considerably reduced. Wood and metal work will be carried out by local SME’s where their skilled craftsmanship will add genuine “handcrafted” values to our designs.


Danish Loft Design uses only sustainable plantation and replanted wood with certification for place or origin – no rainforest wood is used, only FSC certified wood materials. Our designs allow for no more than 2-3% waste on wood, as all excess material is either incorporated into the product design or used for other pieces. All wood materials are treated with pure organic products such as Linseed oil or water based stains from Danish suppliers.


Danish Loft Design incorporates industrial grade metalwork from our carefully selected local suppliers. We are proud to do so with no more than 2-3% waste of metal as all scrap parts are recycled. All the metal we use for both furniture and accessories is powder coated without the use of harmful solvents.


  • Only FSC certified wood 
  • All wood materials are exclusively treated with organic products 
  • 2-3% waste on metal 
  • 2-3% waste on wood 
  • No use of solvents 
  • Most of our products, furniture and accessories alike are 99% recyclable 

At Danish Loft Design all materials are carefully tested by our team of craftsmen, engineers and designers. We offer a wide selection of wood, the finest leather and industrial grade metal work. 

The simplicity of design means we can produce high quality, handcrafted and fully customisable products, within the means of ordinary families.