Toallero/Perchero Kopenhagen

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Our Multi-purpose Kopenhagen Freestanding Towel Rail is an excellent accessory for any room in your home its sturdy and can be customised for almost any use, Shoe rack, Towels, Coats, Hats, in-fact anything that hangs! available in any of our six standard Powder Coated Colours, also works with our Zapatero Munkebo.

Dimensiones 160 × 5 × 62 cm
Tipo de Material

Madera de Pino, Natural con estructura de Acero con Recubrimiento en Polvo

Colores de Madera

Natural, Encalado, Marrón, Marrón Oscuro

Colores Metálicos

Negro, Blanco, Blanco Crema, Gris, Rojo, Naranja