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In the early 1960s a new style trend began in the US where old warehouses were turned into living spaces. Solid wood furniture was mixed with steel, glass and fabric to decorate large open-plan living and work spaces for a young generation wishing to manifest their opinion of a more sophisticated urban society.

The Loft style seen around the world today, is a result of an inherited respect for classic furniture craftsmanship blended with the need for functionality and toughness known from industrial environments. Danish designer Steven Tynan fusions the toughness of Loft style with Danish furniture craftsmanship towards an ambition of simplicity and functionality.


Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, a boy from humble origins rose to become one of the world’s greatest storytellers…
The city of Odense is located right in the center of The Kingdom of Denmark where it was founded more than a thousand years ago. In the very beginning of the 19th century, in the city’s most poor and unprosperous neighborhood, Hans Christian Andersen was born… The son of a shoemaker who lost his father at age 11, was later described by historians as an unrestrainable daydreamer and is recognized today, as one of the greatest fairy-tale authors of all time.


Danish Loft Design reached the homes and restaurants of some 150,000 Western expatriates in Thailand, from city apartments, to restaurants, to holiday homes in the mountains and beach towns of the country. This comes as no surprise since our products have always been designed towards European tastes, and the move of operations is simply the next step of a long-term plan.

Danish Loft Design took its first step into Europe, and shall open its first Showroom in Valencia, Spain in 2021.


The Port of Skagen is Denmark’s main fishing port. Thanks to its seascapes, fishermen and evening light, towards the end of the 19th century it became popular with a group of impressionist artists now known as the Skagen Painters. It has also been the inspiration of Danish Loft Design’s Outdoor Furniture range.


Born in Odense, Denmark, later living in Copenhagen. Though initially pursuing the corporate world, Steven consistently ended up heading business related interior design tasks. Many projects required specially designed furniture and interior. Steven always found his inspiration and satisfaction in creating, and for decades has been handcrafting his own designed furniture pieces. After moving to Asia in 2004, Steven started working 100% professionally with designing and projecting contemporary restaurants, bars as well as upmarket private homes in Hong Kong and Thailand. As a clear line and style of furniture matured, Danish Loft Design evolved and continues to evolve with a huge international inspiration and with the simplicity of Danish Design. All Loft style, metal and wood, inspired by the world, and balanced by a strong preference for the Danish design aesthetics.


Pronounced “hue-guh”, Hygge is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.


Lars Bistrup, Danish, originally educated as engineer, brings more than 20 year of industry experience. During his career, Lars has worked in a number of furniture and home decor accessories companies. His experience range from custom made furniture production to large scale OEM production in Asia. Lars brings deep knowledge of required processes for optimizing output and quality from his factory management positions, both in terms of
inhouse production as well as overseeing and managing outsources production from all over Asia. Lars has been a backbone in building the products of Danish Loft Design since 2014.


Danish Loft Design only use plantation and replanted wood with certification for place of origin – no rainforest wood is used, only FSC certified wood materials.

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